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Dear Friends & Fans:


Greetings from the BluegrassState of Kentucky!!!  I’m here visiting mybeautiful Avon representative sister, Kathy. We’ve been having so much fun, and I’ve been spending way too muchmoney (a lot of it on Kathy’s Avonproducts—she’s a great saleswoman!) 



On my second night here, Kathy hosted a fantastic cocktailparty for me with her friends and clients.  We had lots of good food and wine,(yes, wine…even though we’rein a dry county here) and she had my books on display for new readers (whichwas pretty much everyone…except for Linda.)  I met some really niceladies, all of whom are talented in their own right (you know who I’mtalking about—Linda, Brenda, Donna, Dorothy, June, Pam.)  What a blast!


This whole week has been a blast.  You know how I like“junkin,” right?  I know I’ve mentioned that.  Well, Kathydoes, too. And just in case you don’t know what I mean, we like to go to consignmentshops, thrift shops, junk stores (and there are a lot of them around here) andjust see what we can find.  Well, we found some treasures this week, let metell you!  But more importantly, we had some experiences that we’ll laughabout for years.  Case in point—we were in Goodwill, me, Kathy and Linda,and I had a wardrobe malfunction.  It actually started before we left the house.  I put on thisblouse that had a cut which made it impossible to hide my bra straps, so Kathyoffered to let me borrow her strapless Victoria’sSecret bandeaux.  I accepted.  My first mistake.  I had my suspicions aboutthis thing from the beginning.  So, we’re in Goodwill, and I’mmoving around, checking out shorts and Capri’s(good news!  I’d lost 5 pounds in the past month, and gone down a size.) Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only thingmoving around.  That damn bra kept…slipping, and the girlswere…well, popping out.  (How on earth these nubile young women wearthese as outerwear, I’ll never understand!)  Finally, I’d hadenough.  I was standing at the back of the store, and in a moment of completeinsanity, I reached under my top, pulled that offending thing down to my waist,over my skirt and let it fall to my ankles.  Only then did I look up (as Kathyand Linda, a few aisles over, we’re convulsed in laughter) and see thisman down at the end of the aisle, his eyes agog, his mouth hanging open incomplete astonishment.  I quickly stepped out of the bandeaux, and only thendid I realize what it must’ve looked like.  Let’s just say that Iwas, no doubt, the subject of conversation at somebody’s dinner tablethat night. 


Anyway, shopping wasn’t the only thing we did thisweek.  We did a lot of eating—as much fattening stuff as we couldpossibly stuff into our mouths—and drinking of the nectar of the gods. (We are not good for each other,but we sure have fun.) 


Last night we drove to Kathy’s friend’s houseout in the country—way outin the country.  Donna owns this beautiful farm of 12 acres, pasture andwoodlands, with a beautiful creek running behind her house.  We met her goats(up close and personal) and her horses, dogs and cats.  As soon as I get home,I’m going to put a video on Facebook of Donna’s goats.  They are socool!  Did I ever tell you how much I love goats?


Anyway, the week is drawing to a close.  I’m leavingfor home tomorrow.  Oh, and I have some other exciting news!  A few weeks ago,I auditioned at my local mall for a singing competition, and I’m one of20 finalists (out of 100) and will be competing in the finale on June 26th. The grand prize is a $1,000 mall gift card.  I’ve decided to sing MichaelBuble’s “Feeling Good,” the song I sang at the church varietyshow a couple of years ago.  Wish me luck!


Thanks to those of you who’ve purchased one of myKindle books.  The sales are good, and I’m thrilled.  J  If you haven’t checkedthem out yet, here’s the link:


Hope all of you have a wonderful June.  Don’t forgetto stop by my website and enter my monthly contest.




June 2011

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