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Sometimes, I wish I weren’t quite so stubborn. 

Because of my “principles,” I came home from New York a couple of weeks ago without a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana knock-off purse that I saw at a street fair on Madison Avenue. 

No, it’s not because I’m such a law-abiding citizen that I didn’t buy a designer knock-off.  After all, if the city of Manhattan allows street vendors to sell them on Madison Avenue, who am I to stand up for the multi-billion dollar corporations that sell the real thing to starlets and others who don’t blink twice at paying a few thousand dollars for a freakin’ bag to haul around their “must-haves.”  I guess if I had that much “loose change,” I’d do it, too.  (Maybe I’d be that dumb.) 

No, it’s because I set a certain dollar amount ($20) that I vowed not to go over for a knock-off purse.  It went down like this.

My husband, Frank, and daughter, Leah, and I went to New York for the weekend after attending our niece’s graduation party in New Jersey.  We arrived on Sunday and discovered the street fair just a few blocks from our hotel.  Strolling past the booths—many selling the same old things—I saw a gorgeous pink and sea-green handbag with the famous C&G logo, and fell in love with it on the spot.  It was summery and roomy—and just the kind of handbag I like.  I asked the vendor how much, and he replied, “$25…marked down from $35.” 

I’ve always been told that street vendors around the world expect you to haggle for the price.  If you pay what they ask, they think you’re a complete idiot.  So, I said, “I’ll give you $20.” 

He conferred in a foreign tongue with a woman sitting at a table, and my hopes rose.  He turned back to me.  “$22.”  

Without missing a beat, I shook my head.  “My budget is fixed at $20.” 

Again, he conferred with the woman.  At this point, I’m absolutely positive he’s going to give me my price.  He turns back.  “Sorry.  $22.” 

It’s then that I make my fatal mistake.  I shrug.  “Okay, thanks.”  And I walk away, absolutely certain he’d call me back.  But he didn’t.  I walked away from a purse I loved because of TWO DOLLARS!!!!!!!

Can I have that moment back, please?  Pretty please? 

Still, I kept thinking I’d find the same exact purse at one of the other booths.  After all, those Dolce & Gabbana purses were all over the place—except for the particular design that I liked.  Of course, as luck would have it, I couldn’t find it anywhere else.  So…let that be a lesson to me…if I like something, and the seller wants two dollars more than I want to spend, for God’s sake, spend the extra two dollars!!!!

I still haven’t given up on getting that purse though.  I’m planning a trip back to New York in October, and if I have to, I’ll search every store in Chinatown for that damn Dolce & Gabbana.  And I’ll even pay $25 for it!!!!!  J

Thanks to all of you who responded with suggestions—and simply to commiserate—about the bad taste problem in my mouth.  I’ve got my fingers crossed as I write this, but I think maybe I’m on the mend!  I discovered a home remedy for Acid Reflux Disease (GERD), which I’ve pretty much decided is the problem, and it seems to be working.  It’s—believe it or not—green tea with ginseng.  I really think it’s working!!!!  And I’m thrilled.  J  I actually had a Payday candy bar the other day, and I could taste it!!!  I will never, ever take my taste buds for granted again. 

Oh, I have more good news to share!  The screenplay of my first novel, BORDER CROSSINGS, won 2nd place in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Awards!  The judges had some really good things to say, but my favorite was:  "This is a movie that deserves funding and marketing.”  Music to my ears!  Now, if only someone with power in Hollywood would agree with that!  

Congratulations to Crystal Broyles of Williamsburg, KY, my July website winner.  In addition to a  copy of UNDERSTUDY, Crystal won an original bracelet designed just for her in blue and purple.  Check out the photo of it!

And while you're here, stop by and enter this month's contest.   every month I give away copies of my book and an original jewelry set from Beautiful Evening Beads.

 This month I'm giving away an autographed copy of UNDERSTUDY.  In addition, the winner will receive a bracelet or necklace from Beautiful Evening Beads.


August 2008


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