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10/27/2014 7:40:22 PM
Love thesite! Informative and professional design
K Oliver
bham,Al USA

2/8/2008 8:05:04 AM
Dear Carole, I just decided to check out your possible web site tonight before I went to bed as I am just finishing your first book and my first introduction to your work. Because I have a strong Irish heritage, like a lot of Australians and Americans, I picked this book up at my local library. I have to tell you, initially, when reading this book I just assumed you were writing this as a local in Ireland- it was so real. I now realise you have branched out since your first book- I plan to read on as I assume your other books flow as well as the first and the plots, I’m sure, are as intriguing. I achieved a lifelong dream in 2007 and came to the States, courtesy of my brother and his wife who took me with them to visit our American family. My half sister was a war bride, marrying her wonderful American here in Sydney and settled in New York. Now their children, grandchn and great grand chn live from Maine to Florida and we got to visit them all. All mostly Irish/Italian families. I have always been a person who studied American History and Geography so I probably feel more comfortable raving on to you as an American author because I feel connected. Sorry for raving as a secretary is probably reading this anyway. Finally, I just want to say how much I enjoyed ”Border Crossings” and anticipate enjoying the next book of yours that I can track down locally. Thank you, Gai Winter
Mrs. Gai Winter
East Gosford, NSW AU
2/2/2008 3:20:56 PM
I have to say that Spotlight was one of the worst books I have ever read, though I could not put it down due to the plotline. It was like bad movie yet you wanted to see how it ended though the actors and background were lackluster. The need to put in, shocker sentences here and there were very poorly done. You rambled on and on and even in pages repeated some of what you said on just the page before. Those so called shocking ”attention getters” were put in places that were not really worthy of them. The book would of been ok, as far as the story line goes, had you of shortened it, not put in so many repetitions and tried to spice it up with shock value statments or actions.
Anna Mays
Richmon, va US
12/10/2007 10:59:05 AM
Hey Carole, You’ve come a long way since Dudley Martin!!!! Id love to hear from you again. I still remember that dinner theater we all went to together.
John Cooper
Manassas, Va US
10/27/2007 10:17:22 AM
Hi - met you at City Tavern last night with Bobby. This is a great website! Already want to finish reading the rest of Understudy!!!
Barbra Stanley
Haymarket, Virginia US
9/18/2007 12:41:08 AM
I don’t know if you remember me or not, I had asked for a photo of you few years back for our author’s wall display for our store. Anyhoo, I am interested in the Long Ridge Writer’s Group course and wanted to see if you could allay my concerns about a online course. If I enroll they have paired me up with Karen Hammond. I am just covering my bases and want to be sure of course being legit. I appreciate your time and response if able. Thank you, Charley Hardin
Charley Hardin
Ponchatoula, LA US
8/30/2007 11:33:16 PM
i just want to find out who this certain Ms. Regina Maga who is now cancer patient coz she kept on sending me emails and i am not well abreast with any international political figure from other countries like Republic of Benin. Pls kindly enlighten me bout this lady thank you very much
Flordeliza A. Vital
Quezon City, Manila PH
8/23/2007 2:43:31 PM
Shanda Lear
8/15/2007 11:51:40 AM
Hi Carole! I met you outside of Original Benjamin’s Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. I was pestering you and your husband to take a tour at our resort. Hmmmm.......maybe that scenario will be in your next book?!?! I’ll be looking for it! I love your web site and I’m very anxious to read your books. What I’ve read so far on your site, I’m very impressed with. Thank you for the autographed bookmark you gave me that night. I am adding it to my scrapbook, which is loaded with autographs of ”famous” people. I wish you continued success in everything you do and hope to see you again. Kathy
Kathy Woolbright
Myrtle Beach, SC US
7/3/2007 10:52:44 AM
some of my friends recommended you
Shirley Palmer
Clarksville, TN US
6/24/2007 3:48:00 PM
Just sent you an email. I’ve enjoyed reading your work and love your beaded jewelry! I also liked the ”Bloopers” section of your website. As an aspiring writer, I found it reassuring that sometimes even published authors goof up in their writing! Best wishes for your continued success with your novels and short stories. Joyce Joyce
Joyce Ackley
6/22/2007 10:21:07 PM
You are a wonderful writer as a cake decorator. I am so proud of you.
Bristow, virginia US
5/18/2007 10:10:31 AM
I am a memeber of the GFWC Woman’s Club of Manassas, a community non-profit that supports programs in the Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life & Public Affairs. (For more info about our internation organization you can go to Our club does not yet have a web-site.) I was wondering if you would be willing to present a program at one of our club meetings in the Fall. I know our members would be interested in your writings as well as your Air Force career. We meet in Old Town Manassas at the Trinity Episcopal Church on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00pm. I apologize that this is not a more formal request however your website was my only avenue of contact. You may respond either at the above email address or via phone 703/368-6264. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you. Dale Fisher
Dale Fisher
Manassas, VA US
4/20/2007 8:21:40 AM
Just finished your book Understudy. All I can say is WOW!! Best book I’ve read in a long time.
Helen Allard
Clarksville, TN US
4/4/2007 1:37:28 PM
y computer crashed way back when. I am now on my daughter’s computer and just for the fun of it, I researched my name. I appeared at your site. Did I win something? Gladys Paradowski 2530 Droxford Lane Houston, TX 77008
Gladys Paradowski
Houston, TX US
3/29/2007 2:16:53 PM
Was Station At Iraklion Air Staion From 1964 To 1966 - Was A Chaplain’s Assistant - Also Played In The Base Band, And The Communication Squadron’s Basketball Team. Originally From West Virginia And Still Have Most Of My Teeth
jim miller
greensboro, nc US
3/17/2007 10:07:07 PM
I was a military brat who’s father was stationed at Iraklion in the late 70’s. I was hoping to find some friends I went to elementary school with by doing some internet searching. I stumbled upon your site and decided to check it out. Anything about the base really brings back good memories of my childhood.
Shandra Patrick
San Antonio, Texas US
3/7/2007 3:09:45 PM
Love your work.
Stacey Lazzari
Coconut Creek, florida US
3/6/2007 3:15:56 PM
Writer: Dong jian nong lady/Dream researchers/published 1-3 of 100 films stories 1-Therapeutics from the dream - the results singular 2-Without space of dream calculating 3-Jewel case Password:123456 from dong jian nong, 2007. March 06.
dong jian nong
Beijing, CN
3/5/2007 7:11:22 PM
Hi Carole, I am a good friend of your sister Kathy. I love your site. Congrats on the engagement of your daughter....are they moving to Ocean City? Great place. Don’t know if you remembered, but I ccontacted you when I lived there after having left Las Vegas in 1998 and Kathy told me you live in VA. Small world. Well we ended up in Arizona one year later and now back here after 8 years. We just returned in Dec. 2006. So hope all is well with you. Have a great wedding!!! Alisann
Alisann Smookler
Las Vegas, NV US
2/19/2007 10:10:30 PM
I was assigned to Iraklion AS in Sep 54, a month before it went into operation. I was with the support sq. I looks like it turned out to be a good assignment, but the Dallas Huts were no fun. Too bad it is like it is now. I was one of the first 35 people assigned to Crete.
Jess Holliday
San Antonio, Texas US
2/4/2007 6:13:58 PM
loved your IAS pictures and story by art. I was there from 65-67. The pictures were sad to see how the base has gone down.
Larry McGee
Birmingham, Alabama US
2/1/2007 2:31:07 PM
I was a morse intercept radio operator at Iraklion AFS 1/58 to 1/59. It was considered an isolated tour then. I sure did enjoy your web site and the pictures. J R
J. R. Lyons
Texarkana, Ar US
2/1/2007 10:29:32 AM
CONGRATS, Carole on becoming a future mother-in-law!! I absolutely LOVE the pic of your daughter and her future hubby after the engagement. YAY!!!
Edmonton, Alberta CA
1/31/2007 7:08:19 PM
I love this site!!!!!!

1/5/2007 4:53:20 PM
Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville, IN will host a Book Fair on March 17, 2007 9 to 4 at Washington Square Mall in Evansville. Check out our Website: Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville. IN. for more details. (PS: I met you in Bowling Green at their book fair. We wold love to have you join us. Cora
cora seaman, Special Events Chairman
Evansville,, IN US
12/18/2006 6:41:39 PM
Hi Carol, I was also stationed at Iraklion AFB on Crete but it was way before your time. I was an Intercept Operator there from March 59 til Sept. 60. My fondest memories are those of exploring Knossos on my off days.
Clell Lewis
Bee Branch, Arkansas US
12/18/2006 6:02:15 PM
Congratulations to you and your daughter on her engagement! Happy Holidays!
Carol Mintz
Monroeville, PA US
11/28/2006 7:00:40 PM
I just wanted to tell you that I Loved your book East of the Sun West of the Moon. I have read it many times and look forward to reading more of your books...however they are very hard to find. This particular story has inspired me to sit down and try my hand at writting again. Thanks so much Sherry Worsley
Sherry Worsley
8131 Bighorn Terrace Mission, British Columbia CA
11/20/2006 11:59:53 PM
Hey Carole....Just making my monthly check of your website, to see what updates you have. I noticed you had messages from Paul Frantz and Dan Murray. I rememebr them !! Give Frank my best.
Joe Hopper
Moreno Valley, CA US
11/5/2006 1:44:58 PM
trying to find info on felix biocourt-methodist minister and daughter ruth born 1826.
priscilla muck
Tulsa, oklahoma US
10/16/2006 10:58:56 AM
Carole -- having had the privilege of doing a tour at Iraklion AS from ’68-’71, I thought I might recognize one or two names from the pantheon of commentators . . . but alas!, I didn’t regocnize anyone. Nevertheless, it was a great tour.
Joe Shepard
Williamsburg, Virginia US
8/2/2006 12:00:02 PM
Hi Carol. I was stationed at IAS with you in ’68. I was the URC operator in the SWC under Hal Mosely. Retired as an E8 in ’85.
Tony Shelton
Middleburg, Florida US
7/20/2006 8:54:20 AM
Just stopped by to say hello and check out your website. Have a great summer.
Joan Woods
St. Petersburg, Florida US
6/29/2006 10:26:18 PM
Hi Carole, I was stationed at Iraklion AS from Sep 1973 to Mar 1975. I have been looking for an old friend named Ralph Thompson. He sign into this website on 9-22-04. When I read his note to you, he mentioned Frank. I remember Frank Bellacera well. Tell Frank hello. If you know how to reach Ralph in Portland, please email. Ralph, his wife Rita, Rick Smith & I shared an apartment in downtown Iraklion during those years. I am anxious to contact all the ole gang!
Joe Donofrio
Akron, OH US
6/29/2006 10:17:40 PM
I was stationed at Iraklion Air Station from Sep 1973 to Mar 1975
Joe D
Akron, Oh US
5/31/2006 10:51:45 PM
hi carole, your getting easier to find on the net. i sold my antique business and went into a partnership in a jewelry store. congrats on your newest book...i ordered it today. any new medics show up... i’d love to find willie tirado, betty austin, ed philpot, joe lucas, and dan murray..if you ever here of or from them, please let me know...say hi to frank and ya, paul
paul frantz
adrian, mi US
5/7/2006 10:41:41 PM

I was stationed at the 6931st from 67-69. Would enjoy seeing your pictures if the page becomes accessible again.

Good luck!


Phil Breen
Las Cruces, NM US

4/9/2006 8:48:27 AM
I was told about your wonderful books by your Sister Kathy . I am Vince’s Sister . Kathy has turned my mom and I on to your books and we are very thankful . Keep up the great work

Indianapolis, Indiana US

3/10/2006 3:46:36 PM
Hi, I have been trying to find one of your books ”Living in the Past: Confessions of a Ren. Queen”. Could you let me know where to purchase it. I would like to have a list of all your other books also. Does any of your books sell at the Walmart since I live in a rural area and that is the closest place that sells books. Thanks and have a nice day.
Diane Davis
Rosedale, VA US
3/10/2006 1:15:03 PM
Thanks a lot for so good site.Author did a really good work.Good luck
New York, MO USA
3/8/2006 10:23:47 AM
Hello Carole: Tried to e-mail you a picture I have of you - from Iraklion. It was unsuccessful. Wish you best of luck on your writing career. Sebnd me your e-mail address and I’ll send you my photo of you!!! Take care, Dan
Dan Murray
Halethorpe, MD US
3/7/2006 8:03:26 AM
Hi, Carole...I am Sharon’s Stephen Minister through St. Luke’s United Methodist Church here in Indianapolis. This past weekend, while helping Sharon move, I saw some of your books and Sharon suggested I introduce myself on your website. What a GREAT site! I was in Oahu over Thanksgiving and your pictures brought back such wonderful memories. I can’t wait to get one of your books to read. I love your sister, by the way. She is strong and she will get through this. She has some wonderful co-workers in Ohio and a lot of people who love her and support her here in Indiana - plus, her wonderful family and other friends. I have signed up for your newsletter now and I will certainly spread the word up here about your publications! Blessings to you ~ Debi Neale
Debi Neale
Indianapolis, IN US
3/6/2006 11:04:36 PM
The nexttime you go to Stowe wave at me. I don’t know what your route is but if you go 91 you go by W. Lcks. Our first big date was a trip to Stowe on a Easter week-end. On Easter Sunday the Von Trapp family sang the whole mass. Years later we went up just for a week-end and when we came out of church The Baroness von Trapp was outside talking to the priest. I went over and asked her if we could take a picture of her and the priest and explained about that Easter family. My husband wanted to know how I was sure that it was her. ”Her blouse”--that’s typical European. I have a lot of great memories of Stowe. Next time you go to Italy,I’ll volunteer my husband as a translator.On all the cruises we took all the waiters were Italian. The last one was on the Grand Princess and by that time I as ”lactose intolerant” and had to refuse their yummy icecream. My waiter used to bring out all kinds of milk and cream free desserts--he felt so bad for me--what a hunk and what a flirt! I caught him with different gals during the whole trip. And lets not talk about age--you’re young as you feel and with my arthritis I feel OLD!!!!!!
Mary B. Zocco
Windsor Locks, CT US
2/17/2006 8:06:59 PM
Do you have pictures of Crete on the web? How have you been Carole?
Dan Murray
Halethorpe, MD US
2/13/2006 5:37:04 PM
I got the book today. Will read and let you know how I like it. My TBR pile is high, so it might take me awhile. Thanks again
Joy Isley
Mesa, AZ US
2/10/2006 6:32:08 PM
This is a great website!
Mike Smith
Toledo, OH US
2/2/2006 7:11:04 PM
Hi! Send me an email with your address. Would love to write you a note concerning your book. I read your Christmas newsletter! Hope to talk to you soon! Geneva Reeves
Geneva Reeves
Lexington, KY US
1/24/2006 9:27:28 AM
I say briefly: Cool! interesting site. greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site!

12/6/2005 9:25:26 PM
I sent you an e-mail already--hope it goes through--aloha!.
Mary B. Zocco
Windsor Locks, CT US
11/24/2005 8:44:01 PM
Carole, Hello, I am a very, very good friend of Kathy’s!!!! I would like to be added to your news letter! You might know me as Nancy James. I really must admit, I have not yet read any of your books.....yet. But, I promise, I plan too! I look forward to receiving your news letter!! Oh by the way, I really enjoyed the pics of Italy!
Nancy Riley
Indianapolis, IN US
11/24/2005 1:58:45 PM , here is my contact address

11/24/2005 1:47:35 PM
Iam stella oxfford, looking good pen friends from africa and asia, born and breed in new york city , iam a free citizen of the USA, woking with an NGO organization in calofornia, iam a very straight forward person.
stella oxfford
new york city, NY US
11/18/2005 4:08:29 AM
I was just curious as to where or how you came up with that character’s name.Shiley isn’t a very common last name. I happened upon all this when I googled my name, I thought it was really neat but also strange.
Amy Shiley
clarksville, TN US
11/3/2005 3:58:35 PM
Absolutely beautiful georgeous collection of merchandise. Love all especially the purses. Have question: Have you ever seen purse hinge w/mermaids, fish & shells. I can send pic. Also, serpent/dragon hinge purse. I can send pics. Pls let me know. I purchased recently & wanted to know more info on them. I didn’t see in any of the 4 bks I own. Thanks, David
11/2/2005 6:51:29 AM
Carole- I just wanted to extend my most sincere thanks for taking the time to send me your wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your generousity. Amy Shiley
Amy Shiley
Orchard Park, NY
9/29/2005 3:40:44 PM
I was just got your e-mail that i WON!Your website contest for September.Thank You So Much
Dorothy Sexton
Claypool, AZ US
9/13/2005 5:31:56 PM
Keep up the good work!!! Very impressed by your webpage and your hard work!! May God bless you, take care, Gin
9/7/2005 6:52:38 PM
I tried to enter your contest but when I click there, it brings up a page that says that page can not be found. Could you please enter me for September?
Mesa, AZ US
8/19/2005 8:36:06 AM
Yes, Please put me on your list for your newsletters, I would very much like to recieve them. By the way where at in Gainsville and what time? I would love to make it. Thank You for getting back with me.
Patricia Cekala
Manassas, VA US
8/19/2005 4:36:20 AM
Hi cool site.
Bryn Colvin
Redditch, UK
8/17/2005 7:44:12 PM
I have red East of The Sun, West of the Moon and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would like to know where I can buy your other books. I live in Manassas, Virgina and I was at Barnes and Noble today and they do not carry your books. I would very much like to read your other books. Thank-You, P Cekala
Patricia Cekala
Manassas, VA US
8/16/2005 9:18:22 PM
You have talked to my husband, Walter Cekala, he works at the polls for elections.
Patricia Cekala
Manassas, VA US
8/1/2005 1:39:48 PM
Hello Carole, Our Teacher Day is August 27 at 8:00 a.m. I’m hoping you can come share this day with us. Please let me know. Sue 703.369.5200
sue foltz
Manassas, VA US
8/1/2005 9:08:02 AM
Bobby Ewing
8/1/2005 5:03:26 AM
just enquiring because my maiden name is Bellacera and there are not many of us in Australia but apparently my great grandfather went to America from
Dr.Paul Mugu
8/1/2005 3:49:35 AM
Jim Deer
Atlanta, GA US
7/31/2005 12:47:19 PM
cool site

7/21/2005 8:41:38 PM
Hi I’m just enquiring because my maiden name is Bellacera and there are not many of us in Australia but apparently my great grandfather went to America from Italy and started a new family over there. I’m just curious if you might be a distant relative. Regards Donna
7/15/2005 6:33:38 PM
Nice website! I enjoyed my visit.
Ford Parker
7/7/2005 11:36:53 AM
Nice website. Have a great summer.
Joan Woods
St. Petersburg, FL US
7/4/2005 1:31:29 PM
i love this site you are doing a nice job.
6/29/2005 1:06:51 PM
I was given an ink pen that shows your name and website. It was given to me by my coworker Sharon Biocourt who claims to be your sister. No reason not to believe her! I’m sending this because I love to read a good book. Your writing seems interesting and fun to read. I like to read Daniel Steele and autobiography books. I have three children and work full time, so the only time I get to read is at night when I go to bed. I look foward to this time with a really good book that I can’t wait to keep reading night after night. Sometimes it is sad to finish a book that keeps you glued to the story. Good luck on your books and I hope to buy them soon.
Teresa Cooney
Mooresville, IN US
6/28/2005 3:30:59 AM
6/24/2005 2:32:10 PM
Hello Carole, I stumbled across your website and your accomplishments ay accident. It is great things seem to have worked out so wonderful for you. It seems like a lifetime or two ago since tag football and cookouts in the backyard. I hope your family is doing well, tell Frank hello, and congratulations on your success. Alvin Bost
alvin & janet bost
greensboro, NC US
6/12/2005 2:18:56 PM
You write a good short story. Thanks for sharing. erin

5/30/2005 3:04:14 PM
Hey Wuz up? Just thought I would stop by to see the site!
5/27/2005 12:50:42 AM
God bless
5/26/2005 9:20:10 AM
Great! I like it very much.
Tillie Meier
Fulda, DE
5/19/2005 12:52:16 PM
It looks like you put a lot of hard work into your site! Great job! Will be back soon! 5/17/2005 6:12:40 PM
I love the revamped cover for Chocolate on a Stick!
Kathy Foley
Russell Springs, KY US
5/13/2005 6:22:02 PM
I shall wait updates on a site, as it was pleasant to me at you 5/12/2005 1:23:35 PM
Stopped by your site for the first time today, and your books look really good! I can’t wait to read them! Good luck with your future endeavors! Take Care, Regina
Regina Paul
Portland, OR US
5/9/2005 1:13:33 AM
Really good website
Ive Maanboobs
4/5/2005 12:30:51 PM
Hi! I just finished reading Border Crossings. I just loved it and couldn’t put it down! I had no idea of what went on there! I was wondering....did you make this story up, or was it based on a true story? Or based on someone you know? Thank you for a great book!
3/18/2005 12:02:00 AM

Las Angeles, CA US
3/8/2005 11:41:54 AM
Happy Birthday to You! My daughter has a March birthday, also. Hers is March 16th. She is very artistically-talented. Is it a trait of the sign?
Gladys Paradowski
Houston, TX US
3/5/2005 4:47:23 AM


2/25/2005 1:21:12 PM
Great site

2/24/2005 8:34:17 PM
Carole I finally took the time to read East of the sun west of the moon that you gave me back in November. I loved it. Can’t wait to read another i haven’t deciede which one yet! Hope all is well with you . Thanks , Mary Ann
Mary Ann Copeland
Nokesville, VA US
2/17/2005 7:29:57 PM
Hi, great photos! I was ”on the Rock” from Aug 78 - Jan 80. I really enjoyed your pics. The base looks like a ghost town now, kinda sad in a way. I’m curious, is it open to the public or how did you get access to the buildings & such? I have always wanted to visit Crete again, so many good memories. I have my pics of Crete from way back when at Scroll down to the Crete albums. Thanks,Bob.
Bob Troutt
Cincinnati, OH US
2/15/2005 3:03:55 PM

Joan Woods
St. Petersburg, FL US
2/15/2005 1:48:56 PM
Hi Carole! I was about to sign up for the Book’em Book Fair in Marlesboro, Virginia, and was checking out who was coming and landed on your website. I loved it! I hope to see you in October and I have to have a copy of ”Chocolate on a Stick!”
Dorothy Thompson
Eastern Shore, VA US
2/15/2005 9:03:16 AM
Carole, just had my very first taste of your writing and I am hooked! As an author of southern fiction, I was immediately drawn to your characters and reading your dialect was like carrying on a conversation with my bubba and sissy! It is delightful to be able to read a book written exactly the way folks talks. Some of your little sayings are just right on the grits, girl! I look forward to reading the entire book of Chocolate on a Stick! So, who’s your publisher and do you have an agent? Keep writing, Linda L Rucker
Linda L Rucker
Cumberland Gap, TN US
2/14/2005 7:28:41 AM
Dear Carole; We met one time at my coffee shop Java Jacks and I wanted to tell you I am waiting patiently for the new book..I love your stuff and recommend it to everyone I know. Tori
Sterling/Manassas, VA US
2/13/2005 9:07:04 PM
Dear Mrs. Bellacera: I am writing to you on behalf of the Woodbridge Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). On April 16, 2005, our Branch will hold a book authors brunch as a fundraiser. Your name was provided as someone who would be an outstanding speaker. The brunch will be held at the Old Hickory Golf Club, 4600 Asdee Lane (off of the Prince William Parkway) located in Woodbridge, Virginia and run from 10am to 2pm. We anticipate that there will be more than 100 people in attendance. We will have five authors speak and sell books. We would like you to speak for about 20 minutes on a topic of your choice. There will be time and space available for the sales of books before and after the brunch and authors are responsible for getting their books to the event and providing change and/or credit card machines if you want to take credit cards. We will take no money from the sale of your books, as we are selling tickets to this event and will use the money from the sale of the tickets for our fundraising. We’ll provide you with brunch. Founded in 1881, AAUW is an international organization focused on promoting education and equity for women and girls. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go support AAUW grants and scholarships. We cannot provide any monetary compensation to our author speakers. We would love to see you there. Could you let me know of your availability as soon as possible and, if you are willing to speak, provide me a biography so that we can introduce you? We want to begin publicizing the event. If you have questions, please call, 703-368-6952, or email me Sincerely, Mary Jo Howarth Education Chairman AAUW Woodbridge Branch
Mary Jo Howarth
Bristow, VA US
2/11/2005 10:54:10 AM
Happy Valentine’s Day Carole! I’ve been trying to win from you for 5 years. Never have, so I was going to give up. Then, I saw you’re giving away CHICKEN SOUP FOR COUPLES and I just had to enter. I recently got back together with my boyfriend and we’re falling in love all over again. Crossing everything I win first place.
Melissa Lawson
New London, CT US
2/5/2005 6:48:35 AM
My boyfriend, Christian and I will be hiking through for the long haul starting in Feb 05! Yeah! Backpackers for Jesus! Ms Sonja Mae Bonilla
1/22/2005 3:13:42 AM
MOUNT ARROWSMITH NOVEL WRITING CONTEST. International novel writing contest open to writers in English. Prizes-$1000/$250/$150. Fee-$10. Closing-15May2005. Theme-open. Recommend 80-120 pages one side double-spaced. See web site for full details.
Mount Arrowsmith Novel Writing Contest
Vancouver Island, BC CA
1/16/2005 10:23:13 PM
Hi Carole,I was on crete for almost six years and work in the pharmacy.Before going to Irmir,Turkey
Joseph Campagna
Missoula, MT US
1/12/2005 1:05:31 PM
one of the top best designed author websites i’v seen on the net.very,very nice.wishing you all the best for 2005.
Rutherglen, ON CA
font size=2>1/5/2005 11:32:12 PM
I literally stumbled across this site. Very quickly memories came back. I was at Iraklion, AS in ’78 thru ’79. In 25 years, I’ve only met one other who was there. Great memories of the Dorms, ”Sea Urchin Field” and many others. Would love to hear from someone who was with the 6920SS and prior to becoming the ESC. I was on ”Dawg Flight” and do have the original flag today, orange background with black made out of burlap. I’m willing to take a picture and e-mail.
Jonathan Meere
Gilbert, AZ US
12/30/2004 6:00:45 AM
Thanks for putting up the current photos on Iraklion AS. My wife and I were there in 78-80. I was a GMO at the hospital. One of my NCOs, a med tech, lives here in Ft Worth and we still get together regularly. Conversation about old times on Crete is a favorite. Great photos.
Robert J. Stuart
Arlington, TX US


12/17/2004 3:53:43 AM
Very good site with a lot of great writing... Absolutely LOVE the magnifier bubble applet on the front page...
Wullover Ureyes
Corpus Christi, TX US
12/9/2004 11:17:59 PM
greetings and merry christmas from canada.i can tell you have put a lot of heart and hard work into this should be very proud because it’s wonderful.i’m looking forward to reading one of your novels, if i win one in the contest all the for now from canada
Linda Chaput
rutherglen, ON CA
12/4/2004 12:42:21 AM
I want to thank you for posting the photos of Crete I was stationed there Feb 59 to Aug 60 as a 292x1 later changed to 207x1 You would not by chance have photos of the City of Iraklion as I really would like to see the changes Thanks again George Steenburgh
George Steenburgh
Sun City West, AZ US
<10/27/2004 6:47:57 PM
Hi may not remember me, but my husband David and I briefly (very) met you and your husband outside Waynesboro H.S. at ”Book ’Em” in the chilly early morn before the event. I was just taking some time now that the dust settled to visit some websites and found yours. It’s really GREAT and I love the sound of the book you have coming out next September! Just wanted to say hello and say that I hope to see you next year in Waynesboro. Pam website:
Pamela Kimmell
Warrenton, VA US
10/7/2004 4:09:49 AM
great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boston, MA US
9/25/2004 2:26:41 PM
Been here before, but nice to see how it’s developing! <h1 style=’font-size:1pt; LINE-HEIGHT:1pt; margin:0px; padding:0px;’><br/><A HREF=’’><b>ebayebay usausa</b/></A><br/></h1>
Ebay Usa
9/22/2004 8:33:02 AM
Carol - I was cruising the internet before gearing up for work this morning and started thinking about Crete in the mid 70’s, where Rita and I were stationed at the time. Imagine my surprise when I landed on your web site. It’s been a long time. Tell Frank hello for us - we’re doing great, three grown daughters and us a little older. I’ve always wondered what became of the old ”gang”. Regards Ralph Thompson
ralph thompson
Portland, OR US
9/3/2004 8:27:57 AM
I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up
Dr. Asaba Owerri
aba, AK CA
9/1/2004 12:18:25 PM
Dear Ms. B., I’m enjoying your website and had a quick question (I’m not sure if you have a place for this anywhere or if time permits any Q&A). You hear so much about writers being low paid. I’m wondering how many years it takes to replace the income of a full-time job (of say elementary education teacher) if one works at it diligently 30-40 hours a week and has some talent for it? Also does that number go up as experience increases? I LOVE your website. It’s exciting to read about your adventures and quests. I look forward to getting more familiar with your work as well (your books weren’t in my local bookstore so I’m going to try the library later this week and barring that, I guess I’ll have to search ebay). Thank you, 8/19/2004 8:48:44 PM
I was stationed at Iraklion Air Station from February 1968 to February 1971. The pictures you made in 2003 are VERY nostalgic. I was 22 when I went there and I am now 59. I was a non morse intercept operator. Let me hear from you! I would love to. Thanks. Jack Lamb Hattiesburg, MS
Jack Lamb
Hattiesburg, MS US
8/19/2004 8:47:31 PM
I was stationed at Iraklion Air Station from February 1968 to February 1971. The pictures you made in 2003 are VERY nostalgic. I was 22 when I went there and I am now 59. I was a non morse intercept operator. Let me hear from you! I would love to. Thanks. Jack Lamb Hattiesburg, MS
Jack Lamb
Hattiesburg, MS US
8/12/2004 10:28:06 PM
I was searching Iraklion Air Station and found your site. My father was in the Air Force, and he was stationed in Iraklion around 1976-1980 when I was in grade school. I always wanted to go back because it was the base I have the most memories. I almost cried when I found out that the base was shut down; I guess how you felt when you saw your dorm room. It is very sentimental. I always wanted to go back and visit. I was wondering how you got inside to take the photos. Is it just abandoned and left open? Anyway, thank you for posting the photos. (And good luck on your novels!)
New York, NY US
8/12/2004 10:20:45 PM

new York,
8/12/2004 7:33:13 AM
I love this page. It looks really nice and very much encouraging. Keep up the good work.
ASaba Owerri
aba, CT AS
8/11/2004 6:58:35 AM
do you happen to hav the movie trailer for danielle steele’s the promise?
singapore, SG
8/1/2004 3:30:17 PM
Hi Carole, I enjoyed talking with you last week. I’m just about finished w/ spotlight and am enjoying it as much as border crossings. I want to read them again so I’m going to buy them. I enjoyed your pix of Ireland, I have the same shot of ”Molly” as yours. I also have a pix of a lad running the track at Trinity in a UVA shirt! I do love Ireland and talking with someone who has been there too. In Northern Ireland, do they say Mum or Mam for mother? I remember asking in Limerick and they said Mam. It’s a great webpage, I really enjoyed it. Dee Trizna, Burke,Va.
dee trizna
burke, VA US
7/3/2004 7:18:03 AM
I had the pleasure of meeting you at Hartwood and receiving your bookmark. I went to Boarders the next week. They only had ”East of the Sun...” but what a wonderful book it is, I could barely put it down. I look forward to reading your other books.
Prince William, VA US
6/28/2004 1:48:48 PM
6/16/2004 2:53:24 AM
Hi Carole, I picked up your ”East of the Sun, West of the Moon” the yesterday and what a great read it is! I simply cannot put down. The story is so wonderful, the language is rich. Thank you for the novel so much! I am going to read the Spotlight next. Thanks again!
Spokane, WA US
6/14/2004 1:11:28 PM
I met your sister, Kathy (Cathy?) on Saturday at Giles House in Adair County. I’m on the Board of the Giles Society. She gave me a bookmark and I’ve been looking at your web site.
London, KY US
6/14/2004 1:09:50 PM


6/3/2004 6:46:03 PM
Hi Carole, So sorry to hear of Kai’s passing. He was awesome. I remember when you first got him and he dug the mud hole in your backyard. He was totally black! We laughed so hard at him because he must have thought he was doing something great! Congratulations on your success! I still have your old desk!:-) Vickie Johnson
Vickie Johnson
Shiloh, NC US
5/22/2004 5:01:28 AM
I love this page. It looks really good. Keep it up
asaba owerri
aba, AR DZ
5/21/2004 8:37:20 AM
Hello Carole, I”m from Perth Western Australia.I enjoyed reading spotlight that I tracked down the other books you had written.I have just got Understudy and your web site was there so Ithought I would let you know how much I have enjoyed your books.I hope you continue to have great success in your writing.Trish.WA.
trish stronach-sewell
bassendean.Perth.W.A., AU
5/21/2004 8:23:23 AM


5/19/2004 10:28:34 PM
i love this place
habibatou bah
abse, LA MP
5/15/2004 9:10:56 PM
I did a web search for Iraklion AS (I was there from May ’76 to Jan ’79) and found your pictures of what it looks like now. Thanks very much for posting them!
John Handy
Oakton, VA US
5/9/2004 1:32:36 PM
I ran across your site this morning and was so glad to see your pictures of Heraklion AFS. My husband was stationed there from 1965-68 and my daughters and I spent the summers on the beach. We lived less than a mile from Knossos until we moved on base into the roach invested trailer. So sad to see the base so rundown and abandoned. Who owns it now and what are they planning to do with it? Do you know? Thanks for the pictures and memories. Liz
Liz Nicholson
Mesquite, TX US
5/1/2004 6:51:40 PM
want info on some of the exciting places in Indiana state
victoria kingston coffie
accra, GH
4/16/2004 9:32:05 AM
I did a Google search on my name and came across your web site. It is unusual that the ”Bellacera” name came up and I am not familiar with a Carole. I have a sister-in-law named Carolyn. It would be intesting to know if we are related some how. I am currently living in California but originally born and raised in New York.
Tony Bellacera
Penryn, CA US
4/1/2004 7:41:33 PM
How are you? I used to be on your mailing list for some odd reason I don’t seem to be on it anymore, please keep me updated on your latest book. Thanks, Soraya
Soraya Carolina Garrido
Parlin, NJ US
3/28/2004 9:38:22 AM
Job for computer operator
Yasser Faraz
Karachi, PK
3/28/2004 7:18:47 AM
My 5 month old st bernard,killed and 1 year old shepard mix at vet, in serous shape, no justic here
Frances Tatman
Athens, TX US
3/21/2004 10:55:37 AM
Great to see you yesterday. It was a really nice coffee shop...with good milkshakes. It was nice to meet your husband. Can’t wait to read the Borders Crossings that I purchased. Hope you got a few more customers after I left. Thanks again..Cindy
Manassas, VA US
3/7/2004 6:13:19 PM
I’m so happy to have seen your photos of Iraklion AFB! My family was stationed there from 1976 to 1981, and at the time I was a teenager walking around base as if I owned the place...ha ha. I had the most enjoyable time of my life on that base. It was so beautiful; of course, as a teenager I did not appreciate it the way I should have. But seeing your photos brought back so many wonderful memories. It saddened me, however, to see our favorite places like the movie theater and the NCO club with overgrown weeds and peeling paint. Oh well...thank goodness for memories--and your photos! Efkaristo poli! Niki
Beavercreek, OH US
2/26/2004 5:06:59 AM
Greatings from Belgium, Just some words from a Belgian painter who really appreciated your books. They brought me so much pleasure I wish you that 2004 will be also a prosperous year Thank you Jean-Pierre Remy
Jean-Pierre Remy
2/22/2004 1:25:33 PM
Hi Carole! Great site! Keep up the good work!
Tom and Donna Conger
Clinton, UT US
<1/15/2004 5:54:07 PM
Loved your Kai story and so very sorry of your loss. Our collie of 14 years went a month ago so I feel your loss and pain.
Marilyn Shoemaker
Seattle, WA UnSel
1/11/2004 6:07:07 PM
Just browsing by and wanted to post a quick hello. You’re books sound very interesting and I just ordered a copy of Understudy. Can’t wait to read it. Best of luck in your writing career. Jill Terry, Author
Jill Terry
12/29/2003 12:10:22 PM

London UK, UK
12/12/2003 11:02:17 AM
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books. And wishing you more successes in the coming year to come. Regards, Vanessa Smith
Vanessa Smith
Emporia, KS US
12/10/2003 5:30:33 PM

12/9/2003 10:34:42 AM
Keep writing
Elizabeth Marsh
Lawndale,Cal 90260, CA US
12/7/2003 9:35:51 AM
Great Book and a Great Style. Keep it up !!
Frank Stewart
Herndon, VA US
Sun Nov 23 10:01:20 EST 2003
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dog. I have 2 dogs and they are like my babies. I know what a big part of the family a pet can be. God bless you nand your family.
Blairs, VA US
Sat Nov 22 07:39:02 EST 2003
I was so very sad to hear of the passing of your dog, Kai. It is so very hard to lose one whos been so much a part of your life. They give unconditional love and fill your heart with much happiness. My dog, Chance passed away last december and I do miss him so.
Bob Almberg
Flagstaff, AZ US
Fri Nov 21 21:56:28 EST 2003
Carole - I am so sorry to read about your loss (Kai). We, too, lost a dog last summer when she was 15 years old. She was such a special part of our family. She demanded attention, and we were more than happy to give it to her. The first couple of weeks were hard, and there were a lot of tears, but it does get easier. When we talk about her, we still feel sad, but we smile when we remember the fun we had with her.
Jackie Villano
Park Ridge, NJ US
Wed Nov 19 13:41:08 EST 2003
i think that spotlight was a really good book with really strong fellings in it and i felt like i was in the book.when i was done with the book which was three days i didnt want to be done wit the book and i hope to read the other three books that was written by carole bellacera.also, it made me want to go to irlend and meet some guys because they sound so cute and so passinent thank you ashley age 15
Wed Nov 19 09:09:29 EST 2003
thanks for the update in pictures. I was stationed at ias from april 62 thru oct 63. was on duty for the cuban missile crisis - enjoyed my tour thanks again
Steve J. Solar
Bridgeport, OH US
Mon Nov 10 13:04:11 EST 2003
Haitii By Gwendolyn Louise Evans Taxation Reformation Act By Gwendolyn Louise Evans
Gwendolyn A. Evans
akron, NY BN
Fri Nov 7 13:38:30 EST 2003
Love the website and your books!
Barbara Nolan
Lexington, KY US
Sun Nov 2 08:57:39 EST 2003
love your site
CT UnSel
Sat Nov 1 19:08:12 EST 2003
Hi Carol. It's me Tasha from amazon. com. I finally got to finish "Understudy". You did it again, girlfriend. I noticed the Norway mention in Chapter 7. I remembered that from your book "East of the Sun, West of the Moon". I think with this book you really captured every human's fantasy of living another life. I must confess that there are many time I could be a famous writer like you. Anyway write me back so I can tell you about my vacation in St. Kitts. Hope to hear from you soon.
tasha d. staggers
new york, NY US
Fri Oct 31 08:32:47 EST 2003
wow a famous writer I love to read, so I will watch for your books. I did not find the pictures of Crete that you said were on your web site. Best wishes to you.
Debbi Cross
Doerun, GA US
Sat Oct 18 14:32:41 EDT 2003
Hello there, Carole! Just finished Understudy and was very touched to be so kindly remembered by you in your acknowledgments. Also noted that your heroine's inspirational teacher had red hair!:) Understudy was certainly a powerful and compeling story on many levels. Things aren't always what they seem, are they? Your ending (resolution) was intriguing, "poetic justic," brilliant, and perfect! This book would make a GREAT MOVIE--as would Border Crossings and Spotlight!! Any movement in those directions? I know at one time there possibly was for Border Crossings--keep me posted. Now I need to get East of the Sun, West of the Moon and read it!! All the best on your current work-- Regina (alias Mrs. Scott :)) P.S. When are you coming to West Baden Springs to "scope it out" for a possible setting for a future work?!:)
Regina Scott
West Baden Springs, IN US
Thu Oct 16 15:02:18 EDT 2003
Carole, I just read your book Understudy and truly enjoyed every page. This has to be one of the first books where I didn't go to the last page and find out the ending just to keep reading the book. I work with your husband Frank, and he was right, you jare a wonderful Author. You were able to capture my cmplete and full attention throughout the entire book. I read the book in two days unable to put it down. I read alot and usually a variety of novels. I look forward to reading your next three books! Keep up the great work and "WOW" what an amazing imagination!
Catherine Phillips
Amissville, VA US
Sat Oct 11 12:19:58 EDT 2003
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Gwendolyn A. Evans
akron, AK IO
Wed Oct 1 17:44:47 EDT 2003
Hey, Carole, I love your books. When are you coming to Indiana on tour? I'd love to meet you. My favorite book of yours is EAST OF THE SUN, WEST OF THE MOON. Erik is to die for!!! I haven't read UNDERSTUDY yet, but I have it, and will read it as soon as I'm done with a book by my other favorite author--Nora Roberts!!!!
Sandra Stevenson
Franklin, IN US
Fri Aug 29 22:23:19 EDT 2003
Carole -- to a fellow Pittsboro Graduate.... I was just checking out websites and I found you... glad to see you are doing what you always wanted...and doing it well...
Gwendy Southard McCullough
Indianapolis, IN US
Fri Aug 8 09:47:48 EDT 2003
Fri Aug 1 05:04:06 EDT 2003
I love this site
Kiev, MN BE
Tue Jul 29 11:15:31 EDT 2003
Carole, I am one of your biggest fans! I love your work and I know that when people catch on to your talent, you will be a HUGE success! I love you.
Brandi L. Hill
Plainfield, IN US
Tue Jul 22 23:40:33 EDT 2003
I am so impressed with your full life. I think you live every minute . To be a full time wife and mom and to hold down your varied and interesting careers on top of being a wonderful author is very inspiring. I will enjoy learning more about you now that I have found your website. Have you ever considered writing your autobiography...just part 1 for now! The next one can come later.
Bev Sobkowich
Tue Jul 22 17:54:16 EDT 2003
hello carole: my husband ellis and myself enjoyed looking at the crete photos. ellis was stationed there in air force in l959 and 60. he hopes to show it to me someday. we're both retired, but his hobby of raising birds keeps him close to home. he said they didn't cool down the beaches when he was there. our computer is slow, couldn't get the last 5 or 6 photos at all. very frustrating. thanks ariane crabtree.
ariane crabtree
fair oaks, CA US
Wed Jul 2 22:55:39 EDT 2003
Hi! I just finished your lateset book Understudy and I really enjoyed it. To me it was a cross between Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steel's THe Promise. I just have one suggestion.... could you have the next one printed a little bigger...just a suggestion no offense meant. I was up until 3:30 the other night reading the entire book.... It was great!!!!!
bartlett, IL US
Fri Jun 20 07:18:19 EDT 2003
I think we are cool! I love your work!
Lisa Craven
Clifton, VA US
Thu Jun 12 15:17:59 EDT 2003
Hey, Carole, your books ROCK!!! UNDERSTUDY is the best yet. When is it going to be made into a movie????
Shirley Towerbell
Grantville, PA US
Mon Jun 9 09:21:58 EDT 2003
I just finished East of the Sun West of the Sun, it was amazing! I definitely think it could be made into a movie. Definitely the best book I have read. I am going to Barnes & Noble today to buy Understudy. Can't wait!
Julie Dean
Manassas, VA US
Sat Jun 7 22:21:44 EDT 2003
LaVaughn Brown
Lexington, KY US
Sun Jun 1 16:50:28 EDT 2003
Hey, Carole! I've been dying for UNDERSTUDY to come out. I found it at B&N today, and I just finished the prologue! WOW!!! I'm going to up all night reading! Keep up the great work! (I love your books!)
Samantha Perreli
Murfreesboro, TN US
Tue Apr 29 00:26:50 EDT 2003
I won an advance copy of UNDERSTUDY, if you havent preordered it, I predict the books stores are going to have a hard time keeping it in stock. It is wonderful. It is now 1 am and I have been reading since 2 this afternoon without stopping, except for bathroom breaks and food. It is absolutely amazing.
Deborah Fochler
Newport News, VA USA
Wed Apr 23 07:51:00 EDT 2003
I'm a new reader of your books - keep me posted.
Dayton, OH USA
Sat Apr 19 17:16:32 EDT 2003
I enjoyed your site. I as yet have not read any of your books since I had not been doing much reading lately, however, reading excerps of your books has enticed me to start reading again,,
Alice Love
Westtown, NY United States
Tue Apr 15 23:21:43 EDT 2003
Hi Carole, Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that my wife is anxiously awaiting the release of your next book.. We are sure it will be a smashing success.... Best of luck and look forward to seeing you soon. Jerry & Isa
jerry levin
Fairfax, VA
Wed Apr 9 21:01:40 EDT 2003
Carole, great job on the web site, looks great.
Hewitt, NJ
Sun Apr 6 15:50:37 EDT 2003
Just dropped in to say Hello!
Jackie Wisherd
La Mesa, CA USA
Fri Mar 21 16:55:28 EST 2003
Hey, got a kick out of your e-mail. I also frequent my Panera's on Friday and happen to get the same thing as you. That German Chocolate Taste is hard to turn down! And Nora's party sounds like the best kind of girls get-together! I met her once at a signing and we got yelled at by her agent for talking too long! Ah well, she's very down to earth as are you! Looking forward to one of your books this weekend as I'm finishing one tonight!
Susan Denice
Ridgewood, NJ United States
Fri Mar 21 13:34:50 EST 2003
I love your books.Keep up the great work.
Rose Stovall
Bowdon , GA USA
Wed Mar 19 19:04:08 EST 2003
Hi, Everyone. Thanks for stopping in and signing my guestbook. Linda & Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed my photos of Stowe. I love Vermont! Would live there if I could, and ski every day. :)
Carole Bellacera

Tue Mar 18 17:54:56 EST 2003
Carole: I enjoyed meeting you at the trade show in Virginia Beach right before the big snow! I really loved Border Crossings (I couldn't put it down) and look forward to our lunch together with Jana Yeates at Pargos (Jana is one of your biggest fans). See you there! Miles
Miles Friedman
Manassas, VA USA
Tue Mar 4 18:00:28 EST 2003
Your photographs of Stowe are most picturesque and make me want to ski again. For years I was a cross country skier here in Washington state.My daughter and I have many fond memories of spending time in the mountains. I originally started skiing because I was chaperoning developmentally disabled adults as they were taking lessons and the teachers said they needed me on the trail with them. Some of the people I brought learned much faster than I did and enjoyed sailing past me as I picked myself up from falling after going down a hill.
Linda P.
Tacoma, WA USA
Fri Feb 28 18:23:05 EST 2003
It was at Stowe that my husband and I had our first date--a date that just turned 50 last year.It's only three hours from our house via I-91. That was Easter week-end and the Trapp family sang during mass. It was THE place to go when I was young--what great memories I have !
Mary B. Zocco
Windsor Locks, CT. USA
Mon Feb 24 22:45:05 EST 2003
your sister Kathy is a nut!! Just kidding. She is a dear friend of mine. I have read your book "EOS" and she has me handcuffed to my sofa, and says I'll never be set free if I don't read another. Actually, Carole, I'm really excited to read another. Beth Holt
elizabeth holt
nashville, tn usa
Tue Feb 18 14:24:02 EST 2003
wonderful site! check out mine if you can! You can get 144% return on your investment within a year or less! minimum!
Tue Feb 11 12:31:38 EST 2003
I have read the excerts of your books from your website and looking forward to purchasing them. Like your style.
Iris Smith

Sat Jan 25 20:53:14 EST 2003
Just surfed in to look around.
Jeffrey Polito
Cromwell, CT United States
Tue Jan 14 17:49:00 EST 2003
Hello! Just pre ordered Understudy. Can't wait to read it and have you back at Valorous. Congrats on all your success. Frank, the site looks great! Jyneal
Jyneal Finn
South Riding, VA
Mon Jan 6 17:12:31 EST 2003
hey stranger! leah told me you had a web site, i was just checking it out. ive read all your books, i loved the east of the sun west of the moon. im looking forward to reading your new one. see ya soon. :) jen
Jen Simpson
sterling, va usa


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